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r. Khannah Josué is the Overseer of Beit Midrash (House of Study) an Observant Believer Congregation, Founder and Chancellor of Beit Midrash Yeshiva “A University Of Higher Learning”, formerly Prayer Fast Yeshiva Int’l. and the CEO/Founder of three companies, Josué Enterprises (A educational organization that offers a variety of learning experiences which allows each person to Identify, Cultivate, Sow and Produce seeds of greatness that lies within them), The Keturah Collection (The Designer Line For Our Furry Sons & Daughters) and YAFA (A Natural Health and Beauty Line of Dead Sea Products from Israel)
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Dr. Josue's Teaching Style

Elohim has ignited Dr. Josué with a passion for prayer and a love for the word, which compels her to teach the Body of Believers according to its original foundation in the Jewish root. She has a passion to teach as she demonstrates the fullness of life through practical principles using and “Ancient Wisdom" for successful living. Dr. Josué teaches with a fervency, depth and clarity that penetrates traditional thinking while challenging listeners to study and implement the knowledge for a productive result. .